Textile Fashion Center
Textile Fashion Center
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Make reality of ideas and develop your company in Textile Fashion Center. Here you recive help and support phrasing your idea, test it on the market, find the right business model, develop a prototype or an existing product, seek funding, get in tough with the right network and participate in business industry developing activities and inspiring meetings.   

Almi paves the way for future business though risk taking loas, venture capital and consultning.

Coompanion is a business advisors for those who want to start a company, association or cooperative together.

As a non-profit organization CONNECT Väst brings together growing companies with expertise, capital and meeting places.

Drivhuset offers entrepreneurs and students training, guidance and a meeting place.

Inkubatorn i Borås provides technical innovation companies business support, finance, office and personal business coach.

Through IUC you are offered industry-related expertise, energy and connections to production, innovation and finance.

Marketplace Borås is the link between the textile industry and the city of Borås, and is working to strengthen Sjuhärads position within fashion, textile and design. As a member, you get the opportunity to interact in a unique network and are invited to inspiring and business-developing activities. Marketplace Borås also operates office hotels and Fashion Gallery - a unique combination of a studio and a shop.

Modeink supports entrepreneurs within fashion and textile to establish themselves on the market.

Proteko provides advice and support to operators within textile, fashion, clothing and trade on practical issues in the textile industry through consultation and skill enhancement.   

Sveriges Textil- och Modeföretag is the trade and employers' organization for the Swedish textile and fashion companies. TEKO represents the industry both nationally and inter-nationally in all matters of common interest for the Swedish textile industry, its businesses and products.