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NTA MasterClass 2018 – Creativity from the team



The team is crucial for the development and success of a brand.
The textile and fashion industry is filled with brands that are strong and independent, world-leading and magical! We all want to be a part of that special team, to contribute to the content.
It is a unique experience when a brand’s customers and employees share a common goal. Therefore, at NTA MasterClass, we want to share how successful companies develops when they have a strong team to work with.

NTA MasterClass gives you a unique opportunity to meet business developers and creators who are working with some of the world’s most successful brands. You will have the opportunity to listen to talks about their personal careers, stories, and methods of how they work with innovation, product development, brand development, and their team. They also share why they choose to collaborate with Nordiska Textilakademin. During the NTA MasterClass you can participate in workshops and discussions about the textile industry and the future challenges it faces.


”30 years of experience in unifying business and education has kickstarted many careers. Valuable experiences such as working with Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Gina Tricot,, Almedahls, H&M, Seger and many others has been part of the success story f or many of our students. With MasterClass we focus on the Team and the value of well-educated employees who understands their role in it. This is for people who want a competitive edge, enjoys developing products and concepts, and wants to learn from the leading comp anies in the industry.
Your future is our passion.”
– Minna Engström Heino, Creative Director, Nordiska Textilakademin. Moderator MasterClass. 


Read more about the event and our key-note speakers here.

Last day to get your tickets are May 4th. 





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