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The textile industry is changing from serving as a fabric supplier to being a positive power in social development. For instance, we are seeing the development of textiles that help clean water using sunlight as the sole source of power, there are clothes that take ECG readings, fabrics that cool down the body in extreme heat. Tomorrow’s textiles will improve both our everyday lives and society as a whole. At Smart Textiles, researchers, scientific institutions, businesses, the public sector and just about anyone with a smart idea can try out innovative ideas that benefit industry through the intelligent use of textiles. In an environment that freely unites input from a wide variety of backgrounds, tomorrow’s textile-based solutions are taking shape today.

Organizations are listed in alphabetical order down below

The Grants and Innovation Office is the University’s internal support office for issues concerning about applications and projects. Here you find expertise in contract laws and counselling in research financing as well as in innovation and utilization.

Science Park Borås is a joint arena for innovation in the Borås region. With resources for research and prototype production, we create social benefit and results together with academia, institutes, the business sector, the public sector and society in general.

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Smart Textiles is a research environment with a comprehensive offering, covering everything from basic research to prototype production. Smart Textiles offers scientists and the business sector the possibility of producing innovations that benefit industry, the health sector and the environment.

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The Swedish School of Textiles has a national responsibility for research in the area Textile and Fashion. Focus is on the subjects Design, Textile technology, and Textile management. With a full-scale equipment in specially adjusted laboratories and workshop halls, recognised international research is taking place.

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